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Download SHAREit for PC and APk App works as a cross-platform to transfer any type of data (audio, video, document) from mobile to PC.

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SHAREit for PC, Windows, and Android APK works as a cross-platform to transfer any type of data (audio, video, document, GIF, etc.) from mobile to mobile and from mobile to PC. The free technology used by one billion users transfers data 200 times faster than Bluetooth. A wireless app shares files between your PC and other devices without internet connectivity. No security and privacy issues and directly save your content in your system, not in the cloud. An outstanding way of sharing data using different formats to transfer files.


SHAREit for computers lets sharing of files with extra safety and confidentiality; files are protected right on user’s devices, in spite of the cloud. Transmission of your files among all Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & iPad devices.

Save Pictures to PC

Find more storage on your mobile to transfer pictures to your PC with a single click. No need to delete content for space, just back up pics from your mobile to your system and add a lot more to your mobile once again. 

Easy Searching of Files

Search PC files and folders through your mobile while using the Remote View tool. This tool helps you to search for files on your mobile, show them, play them, as well as share them.

Control Powerpoint Slides

Easily move around your atmosphere while presenting a Powerpoint slide. The Powerpoint Control tool releases you from the bounding of using a mouse or hitting a clicker. Control your presentation directly from your phone.

Showcase Content

A pleasurable way of enjoying with your friends, gathering, family, reunions, as well as your business activities.

Transfer between Mobile Devices

Sending content backward as well as forward through mobile devices is very easy now. Just select data, click on the receiver name, and push the send button. 


Transfer between PCs

Simply click on the sending button, select the receiver, and start sharing files or folders backward or forward between your systems. Easy transfer of data to save it or edit it. With a drag-and-drop gesture save your whole audio library on your phone. 

Support all types of Devices

Use the app for any type of window———- Window Vista, window XP, window 7, 8, or 10. Android, Mac, iOS, and laptop. Transfer data without losing any of your content. A safe and secure way of sharing without asking for commands to share between devices. 

Work Fast

Share data very fast without any concern about the quality of files. SHAREit works at the highest speed of 20 MB/s. Transfer huge files within moments. 40x faster than Bluetooth.


Share any type of content like audio, video, music, documents, etc through any type of device——Desktop, Laptop, or mobile. An in-built video and audio player lets you enjoy music both online as well as offline. Get information about new trends in audio also.

Easy Log In

Easily log into the app through your mobile number. Take the best connection with GPS.


Supports Messaging

The app supports all types of messaging—— anonymous messaging, secure messaging, and group messaging through your mobile or PC. You can also add your nearby contacts.

Share Everything

SHAREit provides an easy way of transferring pictures, audio or video files, documents, or even apps to different devices without using cloud storage. It just corresponds with another enabled-SHAREit device without any restriction on what platform you are using.

A Wireless App

Creating a direct wireless connection to another device and transferring data without any internet connection or Bluetooth. You can connect five devices at a time for sharing data. And the devices are automatically connected when they are in the range.

Process of Sending Files

For nearby devices just builds a Wi-Fi access point, but you need to install the related apps for the latter, and approving access to permissions is also necessary. When the devices are synched, start sharing data while browsing files, and drag and drop files to the corresponding interface. In fact, you need to install the APK for your smartphone to create a connection to the back and forth of data between your devices. A practical and quick way of transferring without using a third person. Get rid of taking a flash memory stick or cables, as well as uploading files on Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Free of Cost

The SHAREit for PC with freeware license available for Windows 32-bit as well as the 64-bit operating system of a laptop and PC without limits and presented for all software users as a free download. It belongs to the File Transfer and Networking category.

Privacy and Security

The app has not demand your personal information and transfers your data without any help from any third person. You can save your data directly to your system. 

How to Download SHAREit for PC

  1. Download EXE file
  2. EXE file will be run in all types of Windows
  3. Install the app
  4. Create an account 
  5. Start transferring files

Compatible with Windows

With various compatibility with all types of devices, the app has special compatibility with all types of Windows———-Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP are mainly operating systems to run the app very smoothly and reliably. In addition, it requires a 32-bit and 64-bit setup.

Main Features

  • works as a cross-platform to transfer any type of data
  • used by one billion users
  • 200x times faster than Bluetooth
  • No security and privacy issues
  • transfer pictures to your PC with a single click
  • easy searching of files through the Remote View tool
  • control Powerpoint slides through phones
  • phone-to-phone transferring
  • PC to PC transferring
  • Connect up to five devices at a time
  • Easy login through a mobile number
  • Supports all types of messaging
App NameSHAREit for PC
AuthorSHAREit Team
Latest Version5.1.0.6_MV
UpdateFeb 6, 2024
Size(22.61 MB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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